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The Best HID Conversion Kits in 2019

Out of all headlight types that you can get for your car, nothing can rival HID headlights in terms of aesthetics and performance, even Halogen bulbs and LED headlights. Not only are they bright and powerful, but they also come in a wide spectrum of colors, thus allowing the user to customize their headlights to their liking.

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Given how popular these headlights are, it’s easy to see why the market if full of different HID conversion kits. If you’re sold on HID headlights, we have some good news: we’ve already done the heavy lifting and found the best HID conversion kits that you can get today. Furthermore, we’ve put together a detailed buying guide that will make choosing a breeze.

So, without further do, here our picks for the title of the best HID conversion kit.

1. Kensun Xenon HID Conversion Kit

The high price tag of this HID conversion kit from Kensun is totally justified, as it’s a premium product with a premium set of features. What we like most about this conversion kit is its “plug and play” style. The installation is a breeze and would take merely 20 minutes for you to take care of it once you open the box (according to the manufacturer), which is quite convenient.

Premium HID Xenon Low Beam Headlight Replacement Bulbs - by Kensun - (Pack of two bulbs) - D1S - 8000K
  • Important: This product is only compatible with cars with an HID system already installed. Otherwise a conversion kit is necessary.
  • Simple installation - Usually in 20 minutes or less (some vehicles may require a professional installation)

The reason behind that is that the kit uses 35-watt bulbs that use AC power, which means that they take advantage of the wiring that’s already in your car with no risk of overloading the wires of draining you cat’s battery.

The bulbs are around three times brighter than factory-issued lights, and they come in an array of colors so that you can match your own preference. The construction is also pretty good, as it’s both weather- and shockproof.

It’s worth noting that the kit is delivered in a beautiful aluminum case. Although that may not seem like much for many people, we think that it’s a nice touch from Kensun as you’ll get a free case after you install the headlights.


  • Plug and play installation
  • Weather- and shockproof
  • Comes in an array of different colors


  • Costly

2. Innovited HID Xenon Conversion Kit

The Innovited HID Xenon Conversion Kit is also on the expensive side of the spectrum, but it also comes with high-end features that justify the price. Don’t get your hopes up though, as you won’t be getting an aluminum case with this kit.

Innovited AC 55W BI-XENON HI/LOW DUAL BEAM HID Kit - H4 9003 6000K - 2 Year Warranty
  • Power Wattage/Voltage 55w/12V
  • Average/Max Current 4.2A/8.2A

Just like the Kensun conversion kit, these bulbs from Innovited are rated at 55 watts, which means that you can easily plug them to your vehicle’s power supply. Furthermore, they are also three times brighter than standard halogen bulbs.

We also like the fact that these bulbs feature anti-flicked technology, and we appreciate how they come in a multitude of colors to cater to the aesthetic preferences of most users.


  • 55-Watt bulbs
  • Water- and shockproof
  • 6000-lumen performance


  • Costly

3. Xentec HID Conversion Kit

The Xentec HID Conversion Kit is yet another intuitive, easy to install, and feature-packed conversion kit from a well-known manufacturer: Xentec. Installing this kit is a breeze, as long as you’ve done this before because honestly, the installation manual isn’t nearly as detailed and well laid out as you would expect.

Xentec H4 (HB2) 6000K Hi/Lo HID xenon bulb x 1 pair bundle with 2 x 35W Digital Slim Ballast (Ultra White, high beam halogen)
  • Each bundle contain 2 bulbs, 2 ballast, and accessories
  • Xenon Bulb: 2 xenon bulb fits socket size and color described on the title

Once installed, the Xentec kit looks pretty good, although not as bright as the rest of the headlights on our list. It’s still pretty bright compared to the standard factory issued bulbs.

As we mentioned, the instruction sheet that comes with this kit is mediocre, so you’re better off getting a professional to install the bulbs if you’ve never done this before.


  • Affordable
  • Bright bulbs
  • Good tech support


  • The instruction sheet is a joke

4. SDX Headlight Conversion Kit

Even though this conversion kit is marketed under the SDX brand name, it’s actually manufactured by Kensun, which means that you can expect a Kensun-grade quality at a lower price. Quite convenient, isn’t it?

SDX HID Xenon Headlight Replacement Bulbs, 9007 Dual-Beam Bi-Xenon, 12000K
  • #1 Customer Service & Quality, HID Xenon Headlight Replacement Bulbs
  • Easy and Simple installation. Usually takes less than 20 minutes! "Plug-and-Play" in most vehicles. Some vehicles may need professional installation. The manufacturer provides free full technical support with hundreds of thousands of satisfied users. The Kensun friendly and experienced team is happy to help you with any questions or issues with the installation.

The SDX Headlight Conversion Kit follows the “plug and paid” installation style, with clear, detailed instructions provided by the manufacturer, meaning that you can get the bulbs up and running in around 20 minutes. Of course, you shouldn’t rush the installation, and taking an additional ten minutes to read the instructions thoroughly won’t hurt.

As with the rest of the products on our list, these bulbs provide three times more light than factory-issued halogen bulbs while consuming less power, and you can always contact the Kensun customer support team if you face any issue.


  • Effortless installation
  • 35-watt bulbs
  • Affordable


  • Doesn’t fit all headlight sizes

5. ExtremeVision HID Conversion Kit

The ExtremeVision HID Conversion Kit includes 35-watt bulbs that are bound to impress you with their brightness, but there is a small catch: they rely on DC rather than AC power, which means that they may more strain on the wiring. On the bright side (pun intended), these bulbs consume 35% less power than their AC counterparts.

XtremeVision DC 35W Xenon HID Lights with Premium Slim Ballast - H11 8000K - 8K Medium Blue - 2 Year Warranty
  • AMAZON FITMENT GUIDE: Please read the fitment notes above to verify if the selected bulb size is for Low Beam, High Beam, or Foglight. Please contact us to verify bulb size if you are unsure.
  • 3X Brighter than Halogen Bulbs. Lasts 5X Longer. 35% Less Power Consumption. 100% Plug and Play Installation. No Modification Required

Just like the Kensun product reviewed above, the Xentec HID Conversion Kit follows a plug and play installation style, meaning that practically anyone can get them up and running in no time.

We like the fact that purchasing this conversion kit gets you access to live tech support either via email or phone, which makes this conversion kit even more appealing to the average, non-techy user.


  • Effortless installation
  • 35-watt bulbs
  • Affordable


  • Relies on DC power

Choosing the Best HID Conversion Kit – Buying Guide

As you’ve probably noticed, the conversion kits that we reviewed above are pretty similar in features, and their prices aren’t that far apart from each other, which is why you need to pay a close attention to our buying guide to determine which one of them is the best HID conversion kit for your vehicle.

HID Headlights vs. LED Headlights

To no one’s surprise, HID headlights aren’t the only players on the market, as LED lights are equally popular. Each of those systems comes with its own advantages and drawbacks, but we’ll get to that later. For now, let’s just take a look at what each type is.

  • HID Headlights

HID stands for High-Intensity Discharge. These bulbs are pretty similar to the halogen bulbs that are pre-installed in most vehicles. The difference is that while a halogen lamp comes with a wire that glows as electric current goes through it, an HID bulb uses a capsule of Xenon gas instead. Xenon gas is ignited by high voltage, thus the name of the lamp, and it emits an extremely bright light as it burns.

  • LED Headlights

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. As the name indicates, a LED headlight emits light from a diode, which is a tiny electric circuit that concentrates the glow outwards through the plastic cap that covers it. A single diode doesn’t emit much light, but thanks to their small size, they can be clustered to increase the total amount generated light.

Why You Should Choose HID Headlights

Now that you know the definitions of both LED and HID headlights, you must be wondering why you choose one kind over the other. Well, HID headlights offer a plethora of pros, including:

  • HID Headlights Are Brighter

As a general of thumb, a 35-watt HID bulb, which is the standard for this kind of headlights, is three times brighter than a factory-issued halogen bulb, which would result in a better vision on the road so that you can avoid hazards and dangers in time. Not only that, but such a bulb would make you more visible to the rest of road users, which would make your night drives safer. Knowing that roughly 40% of fatal road accidents happen after sundown, you should always take all the necessary measures to have a safe trip.

  • HID Headlights Are Easy to Install

The best HID conversion kits that we recommended above are of the “Plug and Play” variety, which means that all you have to do to install them is remove the old halogen bulbs from your headlight, plug in the new HID bulbs, and you’re set and ready to go. Many manufacturers, such as Kensun, boast an install time of around 20 minutes, but the exact duration would vary depending on your own car.

  • HID Headlights Are Cheaper

The manufacturing process of the technology behind HID bulbs, which is basically burning Xenon gas in a capsule, has been around for centuries, which is why HID headlights are cheaper than LED bulbs. Another factor that makes HID kits cheaper is the fact that there are many manufacturers of this kind of light, and more competition translates to lower prices.

  • HID Headlights Are Aesthetically Appealing

HID headlights look good, and they would add a nice aesthetic touch to your car. You do care about how good your vehicle looks, don’t you?

  • HID Headlights Come in Different Colors

While halogen bulbs come in one color and LED bulbs in four, HID headlights can come in one of seven colors. That’s due to the fact that the color is changed by adjusting the power while it’s being delivered to the Xenon gas that’s in the bulb.

It’s worth noting that the only legal color that you can use in the headlights in the United States is white, so make sure to consult the local laws in your city before getting an HID conversion kit of a different color. Generally, lights with a slight tint won’t get you in trouble, but you shouldn’t turn a blind eye on the legalities of your color of choice in the best HID conversion kit.

How to Choose the Best HID Conversion Kit

Although picking the best HID conversion kit depends mainly on your preferences, there are certain factors that you must look for, including:

  • Wattage

HID conversion kits come with bulbs rated at either 35 or 55 watts. Each type has its own advantages and drawbacks, and they’re suitable for different purposes. Although the 35-watt bulbs may seem less powerful, they’re still three times brighter than standard factory bulbs, and they don’t cause any overheating. 55-watt bulbs are brighter, of course, but that does come with some nuances, mainly the staring on wiring and battery.

  • Current

Bulbs that rely on AC power are gentler on the wiring, but they’re a bit more expensive than those that rely on DC power. Furthermore, DC HID bulbs can also deliver more power directly to the lamp.

  • Customer Support

Although HID conversion kits are easy to install, they’re still high-tech devices, which means that anyone can face issues while setting them up, especially if you’ve never tried doing that before, and that’s why the level of customer support is an essential factor to consider when looking for the best HID conversion kit.

Installing HID Headlights

Installing any of the aforementioned is easy and straightforward, as they follow a “plug and play” installation model, which means that all you have to do is remove the old halogen bulb and plug in the new HIB bulb and voila! You’re ready to hit the road brighter than ever! (get it?)


Choosing the best HID conversion kit is essential for a variety of reasons, most of which are mentioned above. Any of our recommendations can be the best HID conversion kit for you depending on your needs, preferences, and budget, which is why you need to determine those before delving into the different choices. Don’t forget to go over our buying guide to make your decision easier.

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