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Best Bowfishing Lights You Can Buy in 2019 (Reviews and Buying Guide)

What was once a way to catch food and survive has become today something more of a hobby or sport. It’s also an activity to teach young children the techniques bowhunting and archery. When it comes to bow fishing, it’s usually used for the common freshwater fish. We’re talking about paddlefish, alligator gar, and carp for example. And if you’re looking for the best time for bow fishing summer is your best bet.

Best Bowfishing lights: Comparison table

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That’s why you might see many more bowhunters during the summer roaming the waters. But none of them will be able to catch anything without the bow fishing lights out there.

1. Ustellar LED flood light

Ustellar 2 Pack 60W LED Flood Light, IP66 Waterproof, Outdoor Super Bright Security Lights, 300W Halogen Bulb Equivalent, 5000K Daylight White, Floodlight Landscape Wall Lights
  • ENERGY SAVING: 2-Pack, Each of them can replace 300W traditional halogen bulb by 60W LED, save 80% on electricity bill of lighting.
  • WATERPROOF: IP66 waterproof rating ensures that your led outdoor flood light won't give in to the elements. No matter the weather, the Ustellar LED floodlight can handle it.

These are some of the bow fishing floodlights that you can have when you’re out in the water. You can purchase them in pairs giving you 60w each. Setting up the lights will be rather simple and easy thanks to the provided manual. They’ve got the lamp brackets on the back that makes mounting them on a boat very simple. Diecast aluminum was used for the casing, which makes it scratch resistant. Besides that, the heat is well-dissipated thanks to the efficient cooling structure.

The quality is not surprising seeing that the brand has been producing light and sound gear for years. Another thing worth noting is the fact that the lights are waterproof. They’ve got no Mercury, no lead, and no radiation.

2. Cutequeen Cree LED Spot Light

Cutequeen 4 X 36w 3600 Lumens Cree LED Spot Light for Off-road Rv Atv SUV Boat 4x4 Jeep Lamp Tractor Marine Off-road Lighting (pack of 4)
  • Input:10v-30v DC,6x3W high intensity CREE LEDs;1800 lumens,Spot Beam: 30 degree ;Dimension 6.5"x 4" square heavy duty fixture
  • Color Temperature: 6000K-6500K;Working Temperature: -40~85;Working Life: 50000 hours

Continuing our bow fishing Lights Collection with these Cutequeen lights. This one provides you with 3600 lumens with a lifespan of 50,000 hours guaranteed. They undergo immense testing before they are released to the market. The mounting brackets are made of stainless steel, and diecast aluminum was used for the housing. These lights can handle tough conditions thanks to the toughed glassed used in their Manufacturing.

3. LEDMO LED Waterproof Flood Lights

The third entry in our list of bow fishing lights is the LEDMO 50w floodlights. These ones are one of the most cost-effective products that you can get your hands on. Once you get them, you won’t have to worry about purchasing any other ones to replace them because their life span is quite commendable. The matter of the fact is if you get yours they’re probably going to last for a lifetime since they’ll probably never be put under any pressure that would damage them severely.

LEDMO 100W LED Wall Pack Light, Outdoor Flood Light, Commercial and Industrial Wall Pack Lighting
  • 0-90 ADJUSTABLE HEAD : The direction of the led wall pack can be changed (up or down), to meet your desired light beam direction
  • Save 85% Energy : 11500lm with only 100W power consumption, perfect replacement for standard 500W HPS or HID fixtures

You should also know that the LEDmo 50w led is absolutely environmental friendly. So you can use it safely without any worries.

Besides the amazing brightness, the installation itself is quite easy and simple. It only takes a short amount of time to install these lights completely. This is all thanks to the fact that it comes with metal brackets lamp body, which makes the installation process very effective and quick.

Basically, this is a piece of equipment that will meet all of your lighting necessities.

4. 6K LED 427S Work Light Lamp

Any lighting issues that you encounter, the 6K LED Lamp will solve them for you. It will satisfy any necessity that you might require. There’s one thing that you need to keep in mind when you’re going to purchase this product: you have to make sure that you check the “6KLED” logo so that you don’t get anything that you didn’t ask for.

6K LED 427S Square LED Work Light Lamp, Off Road High Power ATV, Jeep Wrangler RV Trailer Fishing Boat Tractor Truck Spot, 27W - 4 Pack
  • For Genuine product MUST Check for "6KLED" logo & Retail box, (Pack of 4) Square 27w LED Fixture
  • 9pcs*3w high intensity LEDs, heavy duty fixture

This product is considered to be one of the best bowfishing lights that you can find on the market. The lifespan that you get with this one is more than 30,000 hour. Other things to know about these floodlights are the following: It gives off 250 lumens, and the electric current that runs on is  1.125 @24v, 4.3 ; 2.25A @12v.

If you choose to pick up this product, make sure that you buy it from a seller that offers a 36-month warranty. This would mean this person is actually selling a trustworthy, genuine product.

5. GLW Waterproof White Led Flood Lights

And the last entries in the list of best bow fishing lights are the GLW Waterproof White Led Flood Lights. This is without a doubt the best pic on the list. Anyone that has used this product will let you know that it has an excellent frame and that’s all that matters.

GLW 10w 12v Ac or Dc Warm White Led Flood Light Waterproof Outdoor Lights 750lm 80w Halogen Bulb Equivalent Black Case
  • Replace 80W halogen bulb by 10W LED. Save 80% on electricity bill of lighting.
  • Extremely 50000 hours long life reduces re-lamp frequency. Save labor cost to replace bulbs with short lifespan.

Another great thing about them is the fact that they will not cause you any injuries. They don’t feed off your battery as much as you think they would and they are less likely to catch on fire.

It’s quite simple, people would like to buy good quality that would last a lifetime. And well, there’s no way around it, this product does just that.

The fact that it is so simple and easy to install is just the cherry on top. This is definitely a product that you will not regret buying.

Best Bow Fishing Lights – Buying Guide

Once you decide that you want to buy a bow fishing light, you might end up being in a bit of a pickle seeing that there are a plethora of different products with different features and a different price tags. You want to get the best performance out of a bow fishing light, so how would you determine the one that would provide that for you?

We must go through several factors before we come to a conclusion. The following aspects will help you determine the bow fishing light for your needs

Type of Light Bulbs

One of the most important factors to consider before getting a bow fishing light is what kind of lightbulb you’ll be getting.

There are 3 main types on the market. And each one of those has its downsides and benefits. Let’s take a deeper look, shall we?

LED lights

These ones are the most preferred among Anglers. They can be easily installed on a boat animal to illuminate bodies of water of almost any kind.


  • A variety of light options
  • Uses batteries


  • It may be a bit pricey

Halogen lights

If what you care about is ease of availability, performance, and light penetration, then halogen lights are the ones for you. These lights work in any water condition.


  • Efficiency and performance
  • Can be found at any hardware store


  • Demands a lot of energy

High-Pressure Sodium

If you plan to just keep fishing in murky water, then high-pressure sodium lights may be your best choice. Since they are lightweight, carrying them around would be very convenient.


  • Convenient for murky Waters
  • Lightweight


  • Demands a lot of power

The Brightness Levels of the Bow Fishing Light

Level of brightness is another factor to consider when buying a bow fishing light. The unit for measuring light is lumens. And the more lumens it’s got, the brighter it will be. Calculating lumens can be very easy; all we have to do is convert wattage into lumens.

Power Supply for the Light

This one will depend on the duration of fishing and the size of your boat. You can be a bit picky with a power source because different power sources would work better with certain bow fishing lights.


While they can be pretty bright, this type of boat fishing lights can require a significant amount of energy. It’s also worth noting that their bulbs may have a shorter life span.

High-Pressure Sodium

When it comes to the power supply for these ones, you can only consider them when you’re going on large boats for long periods of time. While they provide good brightness, they will require a lot of power. Besides that setting them up maybe a little bit tricky.


LED lights are most likely the bow fishing lights. They can run on DC, which makes them compatible with batteries. They are also very easy to set up and quite lightweight so they won’t be much of trouble.

Bowfishing Light Voltage

If you’re going with the LED choice, you can pick the product based on the voltage.

  • 12 Volt dc – most suitable for small boats when you only need a small number of bulbs.
  • 24 Volt DC – add the 12 DC battery to your 12v DC setup, and you can power more light sources with your power supply.
  • 120 Volt DC – this will work best for long fishing trips and large boats. be careful,l setting it up maybe a little bit tricky.

Setting Up the Bow Fishing Light

After choosing the desired bow fishing light what you need to do next is install it on your boat. To do that you have to get yourself the most suitable power supply. Seeing how this is a one- time purchase, you have to pick the bow fishing lights that are compatible with your power supply and are easy to set up.

Calculating the energy required to power the lights can be done with Ohm’s law. Ohm’s law states the following: P=I*E

If you divide the bulb’s wattage (P) by the circuit’s voltage (E), you will find the needed load (I). Here’s an example:

500w and 24v will necessitate 20.83 Amp of electricity.

After figuring out the power supply, you have to figure out the wiring. Always remember that the wires have 20% more rating then what you came up with from Ohm’s law.

Why You Should Use Led Bowfishing Lights

When comparing all the different types of bow fishing lights, we can find that LED lights are the best out of them all. Here are the benefits of using LED lights for your bow fishing trips.

  • Different color options. it might be needed to for different environments
  • More resistance against water
  • Decrease chances of short circuit thanks to minimal requirements for circuitry
  • Seamless utilization of batteries for most LED lights
  • Requires minimal energy sources and easy to set up
  • Lightweight

Best Bowfishing Lights – FAQ

Can I replace my LED lights with a different color after having already installed them on my boat?

LED lights are the best pick for most Anglers. They’re easy to set up and can also be easily replaced with bulbs of your desired color

When should the warm white bow fishing light be used?

Warm color lights like yellow lights or Ember are best used for stained Waters.

Can more bulbs be added to a 12 DC voltage setup?

Adding more bulbs for this setup will drain more energy out of it. We recommend that you upgrade to 24dc if you have to do so.

What is lumen?

Lumen is used as a unit of measurement for the levels of brightness of the light. The more lumens it has got. The brighter it will be.

Final Thoughts

When we come to the end of it, determining the bow fishing light comes down to your personal preference mainly. You’ll find a variety of products in the market, all of them promising a variety of features. But only certain features really matter in the end.

The duration of the fishing trip, the size of your boat, the color of the light, the power exhaustion, the ease of installation, the bulbs and the light sources are all necessary factors to consider before deciding to purchase a certain product.

What we tried to do is present you with what we thought are the five best bow fishing lights, but if you still looking for something outside of our list, the guide that we provided will help you figure out the factors that you need to consider and then you will find the product that will fit your needs most. We hope that we helped you with even the smallest bit of knowledge, now go out there, get yourself bow fishing lights and have a fun fishing trip.

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